Frederick Douglass Houses at Night
One Connection
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About “Frederick Douglass Houses at Night”
Frederick Douglass Houses[1] is a public housing project[2] roughly one quarter-mile southeast. Named in honor of escaped slave and abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass[3], it provides housing to low-income families and is operated by The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)[4]. NYCHA is the largest public housing authority in North America, with over 400,000 residents in 328 developments. This was early on a winter weekend night, and it seems most everybody was home. I like how the variety of colors provides a kind of counter-argument to the common perception of housing projects as drab and uniform (a perception some extend to the people living there). This photograph was featured on the cover of Contexts magazine, winter 2016[5].
About the project: Being a Ghost by Scott Matthews is an interactive set of twenty-seven overlapping photographs taken from a single vantage in New York City between 2011 and 2016. Prints are available as interactive sets.