Reflected Sunset [2016-01-04]
Five Connections
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About “Reflected Sunset [2016-01-04]”
I face east, so I can’t generally see much of the sunsets. However, the Sun[1] sets a bit farther to the north or south each day, and due to the shifting geometry I can see reflections[2] of the sunset off particular buildings at particular times of year. This was an unusual night: thickly overcast, but with a sliver of light cutting under from the west, behind my right shoulder. This building also reflects a kind of personal loss. Why? I used to be able to see the Whitestone[3] and Throgg’s Neck[4] bridges—roughly 7 and 9 miles distant. To see what I mean, see “Before the Obstruction.” Then one day I noticed a new construction site. At first I looked forward to tracking its progress, but then I realized it would rise to block my line-of-sight to the bridges. It was bum luck this particular tiny sliver of view would be lost (look for it in “Gotham Sunrise”). In the distance you can still see a bit of the East River[5]. For another reflected sunset, but at a slightly different time of year, see “Reflected Sunset [2016-02-05].”
About the project: Being a Ghost by Scott Matthews is an interactive set of twenty-seven overlapping photographs taken from a single vantage in New York City between 2011 and 2016. Prints are available as interactive sets.