Three Astorian Furies
Seven Connections
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About “Three Astorian Furies”
It was an uncommonly cold and still morning. The venting from three independent power stations aligned as if in unison. Plumes from NYPA Astoria[1], Astoria Generating[2] and Astoria II[3] rose tightly, side-lit by the sunrise. Between the two right plumes, you can see two non-venting pairs of stacks at Astoria Generating, as well as a sliver of the Hell Gate Bridge[4] on Randalls and Wards Islands[5] (the bridge is roughly 2.5 miles distant, with the three power stations another 0.5 to 1.5 mile farther off behind it). Jutting in at the far right is the northwest corner of Central Park[6]. You can see how lucky it is these three power stations happen to align (as seen from my vantage) by clicking this map:
About the project: Being a Ghost by Scott Matthews is an interactive set of twenty-seven overlapping photographs taken from a single vantage in New York City between 2011 and 2016. Prints are available as interactive sets.