West Side Story (Intermission)
Two Connections
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About “West Side Story (Intermission)”
This scene looks to me like an empty theater set, perhaps during intermission. I like the contrast of the ornate building in the background (P.S. 165, the first ‘H-plan’ school designed by architect C. B. J. Snyder[1]) set against the graffiti[2]-marked rooftops of the tenements[3] in the foreground. It’s almost like we’re waiting for something to happen. If you compare the graffiti here to “Rooftop Embrace” you can figure out which photo was shot first (hint: don’t be fooled by “BAM”).
About the project: Being a Ghost by Scott Matthews is an interactive set of twenty-seven overlapping photographs taken from a single vantage in New York City between 2011 and 2016. Prints are available as interactive sets.