Mother Mary is My Line Judge
Two Connections
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About “Mother Mary is My Line Judge”
It was surprising enough to spot people playing badminton[1] on a Manhattan[2] rooftop. But it’s downright miraculous that Mary[3] was their line judge. They’re playing on the roof of Ascension School[4] on West 108th Street. The red-roofed building in the background is P.S. 165, the first ‘H-plan’ school designed by architect C. B. J. Snyder[5]. The rooftops of New York City teem with unexpected life, other examples in this set: “Rooftop Embrace,” “Teen with Toy Gun on Roof,” and “Rooftop Venus.” Also in New York Magazine’s “The Strangest, and Loveliest, Views in New York”[6].
About the project: Being a Ghost by Scott Matthews is an interactive set of twenty-seven overlapping photographs taken from a single vantage in New York City between 2011 and 2016. Prints are available as interactive sets.